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1)This is your India STEM Olympiad 2020 Level 1 Exam.

2) Please drop a WhatsApp message to 8076654424 or 8851727604 with the participant name to get the user id and password for the exam. you will get it ASAP.

3) You are not permitted to go back after answering any questions. Also, you can't change the option once submitted or skipped to the next question.
4) Level-1 of Mocktest is an objective-type test of 20 minutes duration.

5) Exams will be submitted automatically after 20 mins.

6) During exams don't try to open any new tab or Google as it may lead to your exam cancellation. We have fixed some system in our servers which can detect and cancel your ISO 2020 test at the same moment.

7) Students need to select any one answer for every question. Think & Click your answer properly and then skip to the next questions.

8) Materials like Mobile phones, books, bags, etc are not allowed to use.

9) We wish you all the best for your exams.