ISO 2020

STEM Science

Class 1st to 10th can participate.


STEM Maths

Class 1st to 10th can participate.



Class 1st to 10th can participate.


STEM English

Class 1st to 10th can participate.


STEM Astronomy

Class 1st to 10th can participate.


About Olympiad

India STEM Olympiad is a national level educational online exam designed by the STEM Department of the Mission COSMOS Organization which encourages the students of Grade 1st to 10th to participate in the quest and win exciting prizes. We took an enormous stride by organizing the National & International Olympiad for Science, Mathematics, General Knowledge, English & Astronomy which had brought students from across the globe on one platform to inculcate mathematics and scientific temperament as well as cognitive intelligence among the students. This Olympiad has been conducted with the mission to foster stronger relationships among nations and the exchange of knowledge.


  • Grade 1st to Grade 10th can participate. Top 10 from each Grade will be selected for International Level
  • This Olympiad consist of two phases i.e first at National Level (ISO) and then at International Level (IASO).
  • A student who participates in this STEM Olympiad needs to score & pass (50%) in all five Olympiads i.e. Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad, GK Olympiad, English Olympiad & Astronomy Olympiad respectively.
  • To maximize your chance to get selected for International level, it is advised to score well in all five Olympiads.

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About Organization

Mission COSMOS is the first company to have their online portal on Astronomy and Space science. We highlight the STEM model of education with path-breaking solutions established for the purpose of fostering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the promotion of space exploration. The focus of Exploring Space through STEM is to promote inquiry through real-world applications. Doing so will place students in the role of scientists, engineers and researchers who work in teams to accomplish various tasks.

We will help the students develop a deeper understanding of key mathematical, scientific, and cognitive concepts, and learn how to apply those concepts in the context of space exploration through different Hands-on Activity as per their understanding and acumen. This can be a valuable supplemental component as it exposes students to the limitless options in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or vast array of fields associated to STEM.

Our main focus is to educate learners of all ages about space exploration; Science in our day to day life;, interesting activities in astronomy and space science; different hands-on workshops, astronomy events, competitions, webinars; the challenges of long-duration space exploration missions; Understanding the mysteries of space and exploring beyond the known; learning to use new methods and technologies in science and enhancing one’s skills and potential.


  • Developing enthusiasm for STEM subjects at an early age.
  • Intensify the understanding of Math, Science, G.K., English & Astronomy.
  • Introducing the online Olympiad experience for the students.
  • Overcoming fear of assessment and prepare for advanced future studies.
  • Creating a chance to prepare and compete for International STEM Olympiad 2020.

Mode of Examination

Online Mode

To support the Digital India Program, Olympiads will be conducted online through the portal/website of India Stem Olympiad on a particular pre-announced date and candidates can attend the exam at the allocated time by logging in to the website from computers at their schools/home where they can access the internet. We have an excellent online examination system with a very strong server that will prevent all the malpractices. The candidates will be provided with 50 multiple choice questions based on related topics. The total time allowed to complete the quiz will be 20 minutes for Science & G.K. Olympiad and 30 minutes for Math Olympiad. The time allowed to answer the questions is short and thus candidates can win the examination only if they really know the answers of the questions.

Offline Mode

Those schools/individual participants having internet connectivity issues, can conduct OMR based exam for India STEM Olympiad 2020-21.


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