General Questions

1What is India Stem Olympiad 2020?
India Stem Olympiad(ISO) 2020 is national level STEM Olympiad based on Science+Technology+English+Math concept planned by the STEM Dept. of emerging educational organization - "Astronomy Education & Research" to identify a child's capability, real potential, aptitude and enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills. In this students have opportunity to take part individually in Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad and G.K. Olympiad.
2Who all are eligible for Olympiads?
Students from Grade 3rd to 10th can participate in this Olympiad. Grade 3rd - 10th are divided in three different groups:- Group A: Group B: Group C:
3What are the participating fee for the Olympiad?
Science Olympiad: INR 150/- per participants. Math Olympiad: INR 150/- per participants. G.K. Olympiad: INR 150/- per participants.
4I want to take part only in Math Olympiad & Science Olympiad. Is it possible for me to register?
Yes, You can take park in any of the Olympiad as per your interest. If you want you can participate in all three Olympiads too.
5What are the benefits for participating in all three(3) Olympiads?
You have a chance to become The National Level Topper in all three Olympiads. Also, You will be awarded with Award money, Gold medals and different certificates.
6My school is not registered for India Stem Olympiad but i am very interested to participate. What can i do?
We do not encourage individual participation. Convey Your School to Register for India Stem Olympiad on our Website which is absolutely free.
7Can we get study materials and Sample papers for the preparation of exam?
Yes, You can download all these stuffs from our official website - indiastemolympiad.com
8If the Olympiad conducted in Online Mode only?
No, If any school have internet connection problems, we can conduct the OMR based Olympiad Exam.
9Are the Olympiad conducted in English Language Only?
10Do I have to regularly visit your website?
Yes, Visit our website regularly for updated information.
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