Taking into consideration the immense requests from the schools and parents, we are rescheduling the dates of the ISO Olympiad. You can now avail of the mock tests from the 15th of October to the 15th Of December and the exams will be conducted from the 25th of October till the 15th Of December. You can schedule any date of your choice in between for the ISO examination.

Note: the tests will be live from morning 11 AM till 7.30 PM in the evening.

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Research shows that children develop interest in STEM fields at an average age of eight. Through the Olympiad children can visualize their progress and continue to improve as- Healthy competition develops enthusiasm for STEM subjects at an early age.

STEM Education, known for its focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is relatively a new term in the Indian education sector. Our aim is to promote and encourage STEM education among all children through Intellectually stimulating assessments based on STEM concept of learning. Our assessments are a mode of providing valuable insight and feedback for the Students, Parents, and Academicians in the learning methodology; understanding of a subject; conceptualizing and detailing of the various domains; sharing and promoting new ideas as well as judging one’s own skills from a very early age.

The assessment is a three-tiered module which comprises of three different sets of evaluations which analyses the Scientific temperament; the calculating and computing intellect & the inquisitiveness of the mind.

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Important Updates

  • Registration begins for India STEM Olympiad 2020.Click HereNew
  • STEM Olympiad consist of three sections i.e. Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad & G.K. olympiad. Grade 1st to Grade 10th can participate.Click HereNew
  • We take Individual as well as School Registration, Click here for Registration Form Click Here
  • Participation fee: INR 150 per assessment
  • Question Pattern And Sample paper will be uploaded 5 weeks before the exam. Syllabus for ISO 2020. Click Here
  • Sample papers and Mock Test will be available in Download Section.
  • Access for Download Section will be provided after students Registration
  • Contact Details. Click Here
  • Any query, Refer to our FAQ section. Click Here
  • Register Yourself/School now to get early access to study Materials.

Why participate:

  • ISO 2020 for the first time brings an online platform for Skills Assessments.
  • This Online Assessment has Two different Phases.
  • A chance to assess your Scientific knowledge, Mathematical prowess & Cognitive Skills.
  • First Level comprises of the basic understanding of the subject- the assessment is simple yet challenging.
  • Second Phase comprises of the understanding of the subjects in depth and the participants face their best competitors on an International level./li>

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How to participate/Rules & Regulations

  • Students from Grade 1st to Grade 10th can participate. Top 10 from each Grade will be selected for International Round
  • This Olympiad consist of two phases i.e first at National Level and then at International Level.
  • Students participating in this STEM Olympiad need to score well in Olympiads i.e. Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad, GK Olympiad, English Olympiad & Astronomy Olympiad respectively
  • Each paper is separate for Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad, GK Olympiad, English Olympiad & Astronomy Olympiad respectively.
  • Awards & Medals will be provided both at National & International level
  • To maximize your chance to get selected for International level, it is advised to score above 60% in all the three segments of the ISO.

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How to Register

Follow the step for successful School Registration.

STEP 1: Registration of Schools on ISO website. Click here to Register.

STEP 2: After Registration, School will get A Unique Registration Number along with Registration Form.

STEP 3: Registration of students by submitting Registration Form and Participating Fee.

STEP 4: Study materials for every Grade can be available from our STEM Store.

STEP 5: Exam Date Selection. The exam date will be in the month of October 2020 and will be provided randomly to every participating schools/Individual Registration.

STEP 6: Exam Venue: The exam venue will be your school only.


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